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Ready to renovate or make the switch to cedar?

Why Choose Cedar?

It’s no wonder cedar is still a top building material choice for both style and durability around the world.

Made to last, naturally

Cedar is durable, an excellent insulator, and naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects giving you years of beauty without worry.


The versatility of cedar gives you the ultimate creativity in making your home stand! Cedar can be left in it’s natural coloring for PNW style, fully painted in your color of choice, or stained to create a unique jewel tone effect. Not to mention the potential for decorative layouts and exterior siding combinations!

eco-Friendly Building Material

Cedar is renewable, recyclable and sustainable lasting with proven strength and durability through the generations.

cedarwood Products

We are the passionate experts you need when making this investment in your home.

We procure and distribute top-notch cedar shakes and shingles, working with a wide variety of distributors near you!

For Homeowners & Architects

What do you need to know before working with a contractor or DIY project? Click here for great info!

For Installers & Builders

We have handy resources available for download to help you with sales, client communication and installation on your next Cedar project.

For Distributors & Lumber Yards

We work together, providing you with our products at wholesale AND sending local customers to your door. Join us!

Here to Serve You since 1982!

Our team is passionate about building beautiful homes and happy relationships through excellent customer service. We are experts in the cedar industry and passionate about finding solutions for homeowners, working alongside them in their journey from idea to project completion. Our skill in sourcing high quality cedar products and working closely with our distributors provides you with the support to help make the process smooth.

Whether you’re a homeowner needing more information about cedar siding, varieties, and where to find our products or a contractor looking for the nearest lumber yard to make a purchase for your next project, we are here for you!

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